Play Safe in 2020

It is West End Little League's intention to create an environment that is safe for our players, volunteers and fans to participate in summer baseball in 2020. This web page contains the policies that support the continuation of our spring 2020 season with an eye on keeping everyone safe. The links to the the new policies are in RED below, simply click on them to read the individual documents. In creating these policies, West End Little League has followed the guidelines of our state and local health officials to drive the content. Please follow these policies and help us all Play Safe in 2020

Play Safe in 2020 - this is an addendum to the existing WELL Safety Manual and targets the safety of players, coaches volunteers and fans as practices/games re-commence. This special policy is directed for post COVID-19 summer baseball and has sections targeting fans, games, practices, concession stand operations, etc....
2020 Partial Refund Policy - this document describes who to contact and what to expect if you and your player chose to not play summer baseball in 2020 at WELL
COVID-19 Player Waiver - required to be signed by all players for summer baseball 2020. Player & parents should sign this document and get to your team's head coach
COVID-19 Adult Waiver - required to be signed by all coaches, volunteers and adults who help kids. Adults should sign this document and get to your team's head coach

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